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The Original Post
       A pre-school teacher at my church mentioned that if her record player should ever break, the only media she could not replace was her "alpha time RECORD ALBUM" (Songs of the Letter People volumes I & II). I offered to convert the two record set to digital and give her a couple of CDs. So I dutifully cleaned up all 26 original tracks removing clicks and pops from 25 years of play. At least as much as possible from my LPs which were original 1978 releases. As long as the original songs are not available in digital format from New Dimensions in Education (NDE/Arista) today, I don't mind sharing my copies.
   If you would like a nice looking CD label and case as well, I am willing to create the CD and case and send out copies for only my costs. I have a single CD with all 26 songs in alphabetical order.

The New Deal!
       With 14 requests for the Audio CD the first month, trading to get the Video Series on DVD and suggestions to sell on eBay, it looks like I'm now in the Educational Media Distribution market!  I'm currently working on acquiring the Teachers Guide and the Coloring Pages as well.   Below is my first attempt at presenting the products along with an easy to use order system.

Yahoo! Letter People Group
      Below are often requested materials for download.
     Q: Activity Sheets - Anyone got new or old letter people sheets?
          The PDF below is from my Teachers Resource CD and is the complete
          "ORIGINAL" Letter People Activity Book from 1988.
              Activity Book (40 double sided).pdf   (Use right-click, Save Target As..., to download the file)

The July 2006 Update!
       After a year of work I have finally completed the new Teachers Resource CD. It contains "original" copies of requested material such as the Alpha-Time Professional Guide (for teachers), Student Activity Book (coloring pages), cards and posters. I created a menu system for accessing the high quality Adobe PDF files for superior ease of use. No blurry JPEG files on this CD!
   The good news is that I personally scanned all material at laser sharp 300dpi, so your printed materials will look good! I have included my restored version of various missing materials as well, to allow instructors to choose which of the 3 unique iterations of the "ORIGINAL" Letter People they would like to use.
   My final contributions were the creation of the print-it-yourself sticker sets and providing the cleaned up "Edited" versions of selected websites with accurate LP Information. No Wikipedia completely wrong stuff here!
   See the Online Order area below for preview links to the entire table of contents to see what you are getting. Tip: Hover over the three letter E pictures for details on the timeline

The Sept 2013 Update!
       I finally completed the restoration of a very rare Alpha-Time resource called the Chatter Album.
It contains the tracks, called "bands", that are referenced in the Professional Guide (Teachers Manual). The 2 record set is available in either Audio CD format or MP3 files.
   I have also located and restored an original set of Alpha Time Masters to handout to students.
These are the sheets from 1973 are shown in the left hand column in the Alpha Time Teachers Guide, and are included in the updated Teachers Resource CD.
   The Teachers Resource CD has also been updated to include additional versions of the printable characters against white backgrounds!

The Products (Online Ordering)     [ Save $5 by purchasing any 3 together! ]

Item Qty Price

Songs of The Letter People (Audio CD or CD-ROM of  MP3s)   $10

All 26 original songs from the LP record available from 1972-1978. Every song was sampled and restored using CD quality settings to bring each one up to todays standards. Listed below are the songs along with photos of what you will receive:
                                                                                 Audio   MP3
 Click to enlarge Song List  Click to enlarge Front Cover  Click to enlarge Case & CD  Mr. M (Sample)

The Chatter Album (2 Audio CDs or CD-ROM of MP3 files)   $11

All the tracks from the extremely rare original 1973 record set, carefully restored to todays standards. These are the same songs/tracks referenced in the Professionals Guide as a "band". Listed below are the tracks along with photos of what you will receive:
                                                                                 Audio   MP3
 Click to enlarge Song List  Click to enlarge Front Cover  Click to enlarge Case & CD Putting two sounds together

The Letter People Series (3 Video DVDs)   $25

These DVDs contain 60 original episodes, including an opening menu to jump to any show on each disc. The digital video was created from a quality source without any commercials! Listed below are the shows included on each disc along with photos of what you will receive:

 Click to enlarge episodes  Click to enlarge Front Cover  Click to enlarge Case & DVDs  Click to view sample DISC MENU
 Letter K (Sample)  [Windows Movie]
 Letter K (Sample)  [MPEG Format]

Teachers Resource CD (Professional Guide)   $15

This CD contains the following original Letter People material:
Character Cards/Sheets, Character Stickers, Coloring Book,
Alpha Time Masters (Handouts), Parents Reference Guide,
Professional Guide (Teachers Guide), Read to Me Series Guide (Teachers Addendum), My Letter People Book, Number Workers and Song Lyrics.

It also contains the following interactive material and information:
My Edited copies of two Episode Guides, LetterFolk Interactive Guide, The Letter People Museum Page and links for the latest updates!

Listed below is what you will receive:   (click left image for preview)

 Click to open the Teachers Resource preview  Click to enlarge the photo
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