Updated 6th February 2005

We understand your desire to protect your personal information. This privacy statement is our contract with you.

  1) We will protect all contact and shipping information stored on our web server using industry standards and best practices. We remove this data every 30 days as part of scheduled maintenance. If we determine that the data has been compromised will contact you via both email and phone to advice you.

  2) We never store any payment information on our web server! All information is either collected over the phone or via a SSL secure payment service (PayPal), and never collected on our public web site.

  3) For eCheck/EFT transactions each customers payment information is securely collected over the phone and hand written on a single sheet of paper. This sheet is then shredded immediately upon receiving funds. We will always contact you via email with instructions for arranging payments, but never accept the information over email.

  4) We do not share your contact or shipping information with any person or organization, but do reserve the right to contact you in the future regarding customer service, product availability, enhancements, and recalls.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the above please contact us by email or mail. Send email to us at or by mail at:

 Bob Dawson
 Box 592
 Normal, IL 61761-0592